How to Take Loan From Pradhan Mantri Aadhar Card Loan Yojana 2021

How to Take Loan From Aadhar Card

An Aadhar card is a document that almost everyone has today. This document has become a very important document for everyone today as it is being used in a lot of places today. One of the features of which is How to Take a Loan From Aadhar Card? You will know about it.

Aadhar is an important document, it is known to almost everyone, but the most important information related to this document, which hardly everyone knows about right now, yes, we are talking.

This is important information that many people are still unaware of.

This article covers important things related to the process of loan from the Aadhar card, what is the qualification, and the documents required for this.

Which is a going to be a very beneficial for all. That is why read our article carefully till the end so that you can get proper and complete information about it, then let’s start running.

Aadhar Card Loan Yojana

Everyone must have heard about the loan because often if a person starts a business like his own business, business, he spends a lot of money.

In such a situation, if he does not have enough money, he has the only option that he can take his work forward.

You may have heard about cars, mobiles, business loans, etc., but Aadhar card is a loan that almost everyone has heard about, but few people still know how to take it.

Perhaps if you are reading this post, you may not know about it, but it doesn’t matter now because today we are going to tell you about the whole process.

If you are unaware of this important information or you are not able to meet some of your needs due to lack of money, cry, you can easily meet your needs by taking this loan, so now let us knows about the whole process.

What is Aadhar Card Loan

Today, the government has made the Aadhar card the most important document for every citizen, which is used in every sector, which means in every sector, in every government and private work.

But now the Government has also launched a Yojana to give through this document. Yes, now, with the help of the Aadhar card, the citizens of the country can take loans up to 25 lakhs for some of their work.

The good thing is that when ordinary citizens take various types of loans like education loans, businesses, home loans, etc., the interest rate is high, but if you take a loan through an Aadhar card, you get a very low rate of interest here.

The Government of India is mainly thinking of families in the country who are financially poor and are thinking of building some of their needs like building a house or starting a small business.

But for those who are unable to fulfill their dreams due to financial constraints, the government has introduced a loan facility for the citizens of the country on this important document.

So that the common man of the country can also meet his needs by taking loans at a lower interest rate.

Types of Aadhar Card Loans

  • Aadhar Card Home Loan.
  • Aadhar Card Business Loan.
  • Aadhar Card Personal Loan.

What is Aadhar Card Home Loan

Building a house requires a lot of money which is very difficult for the common man, which is why it is often seen that the common man is not able to build a house for himself.

But now, keeping this in mind, the Government of India has introduced an Aadhar Card Home Loan.

This means that now if an ordinary citizen is not able to build a house with the help of money, he can now build a house with a loan of 1 to 2 lakhs on an Identity Card i.e. UID.

The amount taken to build a house is called a home loan. Which you can get from the bank branch of your area.

What is Aadhar Card Business Loan

If you want to start any business, the government has introduced an Aadhar Card Business Loan facility.

You can take a loan from the bank to do business ranging from Rs 2 to 4 lakh to start your business.

What is Aadhar Card Personal Loan

Personal loans simply mean that you can meet your needs such as home repairs, daughter’s marriage, etc. The government has introduced a very good facility of an Aadhar Card Personal Loan.

Often, having a married daughter requires money to repair a house, which can now be fulfilled by every citizen of the country by taking a loan on the Aadhar tax.

How to Get a Loan From an Aadhar card

An Aadhar Card is available to almost everyone today through which any citizen can now get a loan from the bank and meet the requirements. There is a very good initiative on the part of the Government for the common citizens of the country.

This will benefit the country from the Yojana to those who are mainly poor, who do not have many sources of income.

It is very easy to borrow, but the government has also framed some rules for it. Only if you come under these rules can you get a loan from the bank through this important document.

What are the rules laid down by the Government for availing loans on this document? We have discussed below one thing, so let’s know.

Essential Documents for Salaried People –

  • Aadhar card must be a certificate
  • Where you live must have its residence certificate
  • Passport
  • Ration card
  • 6 Month Bank Passbook Details
  • Salary Certificate for the last 3 months
  • Passport photos are also required to identify the person

For Self Employed –

  • Aadhar card must be
  • Must have an identity card
  • A residence certificate is required
  • Caste certificate
  • Bank account
  • Passport Photo
  • Mobile Number

Eligibility for an Aadhar card Loan

If you take this loan, some letters have also been prescribed for this, which is required to be with the person who takes the money. The eligibility to avail of this loan is as follows:

  • The person taking the loan should be a citizen of India
  • The person taking the loan must have his mobile number
  • Have not already borrowed from any bank
  • The age of the person taking a loan should be 18 years
  • The loan will be given to the person who is able to repay it
  • The applicant must have his Bank Account and PAN Card

How Much Loans Take From Your Aadhar card

Through this necessary document, you can go to your bank branch and get the documents done after verification. For this, the Government has earmarked an amount ranging from 1 lakh to a maximum of 25 lakhs.

This document can meet your needs by taking loans ranging from 1 lakh to 25 lakh.

How to Take Loan From an Aadhar card

If you have all the documents and eligibility above, you can definitely get it for this loan.

So let us tell you that you can Take From Your Aadhar card in 2 ways. Following this important document, we mention edit step by step in detail:

How to Take a Loan from an Offline Aadhar Card

The offline process is also quite easy, just for that, you have to go to the bank you have opened your account in.

From there, you should take the related form and get the relevant information and fill in all the information asked in the form and submit the form to the bank.

How to take a Loan From an Online Aadhar Card

  1. With the Aadhar card, you can make money sitting at home online, whose step you can read below.
  2. First of all, you have to visit its official website website.
  3. As soon as you visit the official website, you will find the option to select any option on its home page where you have to click.
  4. Now here you will find a form in which you have to fill in all the information asked correctly and finally submit the form by clicking the submit button in the form below.
  5. Your application will be completed to take the loan as soon as you click on the submit form.
  6. Then the amount will be transferred to your account after some of these subsequent documents are true.

From which bank can you take a Loan With an Aadhar card

Now, after all, the most important question is which banks we can take this loan from.

So let’s go to which bank you can get a loan on this card now.

You can see his list below.

  • SBI Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • PNB Bank
  • Yes Bank etc.


Everyone knows that the Aadhar card is the most important and necessary document created by the government as an identity for any person.

It is used to take advantage of the individual’s identity to his college, and now government Yojana.

Not only that but now any citizen of the country can also take a loan which we have told you in detail in this article and explained How to Take Loan From Pradhan Mantri Aadhar Card Loan Yojana.

I hope you have understood the information in today’s article and proved useful to you.

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