Driving Licence Apply Online 2024

If you are an Indian resident and now want to apply for your driving license, then you should know about the new driving license rules applied by the government. The driving license rules have now been changed by the government of India. As per new rules, now people do not need to go through an RTO training test that was conducted earlier by government agencies to allow them a license.

Under driving license new rules, a fine of 1 lakh will need to paid b people who violate the driving license rules. The person who drive on road at high speed, will pay fine of Rs 1000- Rs 2000. Under the new road safety rules, if minor is caught driving, then they need to pay fine of Rs 25000. In this case, the driving registration card of person are canceled and minor will not able to get license till 25 years age.

The next step after filling the form is to undergo physical and visual fitness test. If accepted, the candidate takes a written test on traffic rules and signs. Studying the driver's manual is necessary to pass this stage. Once the theory test is passed, the candidate moves on to the practical driving test, which is the final stage of the process of obtaining a driving license in India.

New driving License rules 2024

The new driving license rules for 2024 come with new changes. This rule comes into force and is effective from 1 June 2024. Right now, the notifications are only issued on new rules. Candidates who want to apply for their new driving license must be aware of the new rules. It is expected that the 9 lakh government vehicles are equivalent to junk and cause a lot of pollution in the country. To remove all objections that people have, banning cars from running on the road.

Required Documents

To start the process of obtaining a driving license in India, the candidate needs to collect several documents. These include your passport, residence visa (if you're a foreigner), proof of local address and passport-style photographs. In addition, it is necessary to present an identity document, which can be an Aadhaar card (a type of Indian CPF), PAN card or even a passport.

Personal Vehicles Driving License Type

  • MC 50CC: Bike with 55cc engine or much less potential
  • MC EX50CC: Vehicle with gear and 50CC or more ability: Car and Bike.
  • MCWOG / FVG: Bike with any engine ability but without gears: Scooter or Moped
  • LMV-NT: Vehicle for shipping use

Commercial Vehicle Driving License Type

  • HMV: Heavy Motor Vehicles
  • HGMV: Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle
  • MGV: Medium Goods Vehicle
  • Trailer: Heavy Trailer License
  • LMV: Bike, Van, Jeep, and Taxi

Fee structure under new driving licenses

Type of driving licenseFees
Learner licenseRs 200
Learner license renewalRs 200
International licenseRs 1000
Permanent licenseRs 200
Permanent license renewalRs 200
Issue and renewal of license for driving schoolRs 10,000
Issue of renewed driver’s licenseRs 200
Issue of duplicate license for driving schoolRs 5000

It is important to remember that all documents must be attested copies and must be accompanied by the originals for verification. In some areas, it may be necessary to provide other specific documents, so it is recommended to check local requirements with the nearest RTO (regional transport office). Careful preparation of the document is important to avoid delays or rejection in the driver's license process.

Step by Step Form and Aptitude Test

The first step to obtain a driving license in India is to complete the application form, which can be found online at  or obtained directly from your local office. The information must be filled in correctly, including personal data and details of the class of vehicle you wish to drive.

After sending the duly filled form, physical and visual fitness test will be scheduled. This test is simple but essential, as it assesses whether the candidate has the minimum health conditions to drive. It is advisable to get your vision and general health checked before presenting yourself for the test to ensure that there are no obstructions.

Driver License Theory Exam Preparation

The theory test is an important step in the process of obtaining a driving license. The candidate must demonstrate knowledge of traffic laws, signals and road markings. To do this, it is necessary to study the Indian driver's manual, which contains all the information necessary to pass the exam.

visit the portal: https://parivahan.gov.in/