How to Become Air Hostess

Whenever an airplane passes over someone’s house as a child. So everyone definitely thinks that I will grow up once and sit in it, but according to changing times, many of our dreams remain unfulfilled in a hectic life that we cannot fulfill.

But if we talk about how you can sit on an airplane as well as make a good career of yours, how would you feel? Yes, you’d love to know today about a career option associated with an airplane in this article that can give you better benefits in the future. This article will tell you What is Air Hostess and How to Become Air Hostess or How to take an Air Hostess Course.

For your information, tell me in advance that most girls choose this area. This does not mean that boys have not made a career in this field. If you are interested in this area, boys can also take steps in this field.

If you mourn the world and you have the grief of the sky. So this career can be a good option for you.

If you have strong intentions and want to do something. And if you want to make your personality even more attractive, the air hostess career can prove to be better for you. In any case, nowadays, the sector is growing day by day, so girls dreaming of air hostess can pursue a professional career.

What is Air Hostess

The work of air hostess on the flight is also responsible, such as announcing the entire flight, solving all kinds of passenger problems such as keeping the luggage in the right place, explaining the seat belt, providing food to the passengers, or helping passengers in case of emergency, etc.

Skills Needed to Become Air Hostess

  • If you want to be a good air hostess, you need to be physically fit because you have to stay in the air most of the time in this industry, so if you have any heart problems, then this career is not right for you.
  • If you have most of your time in this field with strangers, you should have a good nature that others like.
  • If you are irritable, you will not be able to stay in this area for long.
  • To become a good air hostess, you need to know different languages. In addition, your communication skills should also be good.
  • In this field, you have to work like teamwork so you should have skills like team spirit, systematic approach, positive attitude, and sense of humor, etc. that make your work even easier and you start enjoying working.


In a career in the field of air hostess, you must first pass the 12th examination. After that, you can take a degree or diploma course from an air hostess institute. But other qualifications are essential to become air hostess.

The age of the candidate should be between 18 years and 27 years to pursue a career in the field of air hostess. Most girls are selected in this area, so the air hostess company prefers to employ unmarried girls. But some companies also like to give jobs to married women.

Girls should be 155 cm, 4 feet 2 inches long to pursue a career in this field.

Although the weight of the candidate has not been mentioned by the air hostess company, your body should still be healthy and fully fit. Because you have to go on a flight most of the time, if you have breathing or any other disease, this area is not right.


In this field, you can earn a good salary apart from making a good mark. Initially, you get Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month easily. If it comes to international airlines, air hostesses get a good salary from domestic airlines. If you reach the senior level in this area, then any airline can easily give you Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 lakh per month.

Big Airlines for Jobs

Air India Go Air Gulf Air
Indian Airlines Jet Airways United Air
Mahindra & Mahindra Singapore Airlines Cathay Pacific
Sahara India Lufthansa British Airways
Alliance Air Qantas Airlines Delta Airlines

The Major Air Hostess Institutes

  • Flying queen air Hostess Academy New Delhi
  • wings air hostess hospitality training Vadodara Gujarat
  • TMI Academy of travel tourism & aviation studies Mumbai
  • Air hostess Academy Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Universal aviation academy Chennai
  • Jet airways training academy Delhi and Mumbai
  • Gujarat franklin institute of air hostess training Vadodara
  • Indigo training center in Bangalore

Last Word

Friends In this article we give you complete information about a beautiful career air hostess associated with Airlines so that any youth can easily move into this field by getting complete information about this article will tell you What is Air Hostess and How to Become Air Hostess or How to take an Air Hostess Course.

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