What is LAN, MAN and WAN – Meaning and Full Form

We all use the internet on our mobile phones and computers. But do you know through which computer network you are using the Internet? Most of the people did not know this. There are mainly 3 types of computer networks LAN, MAN, and WAN. Although there are many more computer networks apart from this, today we will know What is LAN, MAN and WAN – Meaning and Full Form.

There was a time when we had to give any message or any other information to someone, then either we had to go to him or else we had to send the message to someone else. Which used to take a lot of time. But ever since computers and the internet started, then this work has become very easy.

Any information that can be in the form of a media file (Image, Video, PDF document) or text, which we can send through the Internet, is possible only through computer networks. LAN, MAN and WAN are similar networks that are built based on different needs.


A network is used to connect one or more devices. Data can be shared from one computer to another computer or from any other device through the network.

Both wire and wireless methods are used to connect computers. There are many types of computer networks given different names according to the size, area, and requirement. Let us understand What is LAN, MAN and WAN – Meaning and Full Form.

LAN – Local Area Network

The Full Form of LAN is the Local Area Network. Lan network is used to connect 2 or more 2 computers in a small limited space. LAN Networking is used only in places like College, University, Office Building, Shopping Complex.

In the smallest LAN network, 2 computers are interconnected and up to 1000 computers can be connected to the LAN. With which they can share data among themselves. There is less use of hardware in the Loan Area Network, due to which the cost of its setup is also less.

LAN networks are used to share printers, files, games and applications. Computer and printer in your home or office are connected through LAN network only.

LAN Network Features

  • LAN network is used to connect computers and other devices in a limited small area.
  • Instead of buying a separate software Computer License for each computer, you can use the same software on multiple devices through Lan.
  • The data of all the computers connected to the Lan Network can be stored in the same hard disk. Due to which the data remains more secure and all the computers can access the data from the same hard disk.
  • Using this network, all the users connected to it can share the same Internet connection. Wifi and Ethernet are examples of Lan networks.

MAN – Metropolitan Area Network

The Full Form of MAN is Metropolitan Area Network. These are also quite popular computer networks used to connect the equipment of more than one building, school, or city. The range of the MAN network can be from 5 K.M to 50 K.M.

Telephone lines and radios of cities and villages are interconnected only through MAN. MAN is a larger network than LAN, due to which the cost of its setup is also higher.

MAN Network Features

  • Fast speed carriers such as fiber cables are used for this network connection, due to which the data transfer speed is quite fast.
  • MAN networks are spread over a long distance due to which they are less secure in comparison to LAN.
  • A lot of wiring is used in this network, which increases the cost significantly.
  • A MAN network is created to connect 2 or more LAN networks. This means this network works to connect the devices over a long distance.

WAN – Wide Area Network

The Full Form of WAN is a Wide Area Network. These networks are bigger than LAN and MAN. You can guess the range of WAN networks from the fact that devices from 2 countries, continents, or even the whole world can be connected through this network.

The 3G/4G/5G internet we use in our mobile and computer is an example of a WAN network. The cost of setting up this network is very high.

WAN Network Features

  • The transmission speed of Wide Area Network is less than that of LAN and MAN.
  • One advantage of the WAN network is that we do not need to store the data backup in the local system. All the data is stored in the online data center which can be easily accessed through WAN.
  • Maintaining this computer network is not easy. Requires a large team of expert technicians.
  • Because these networks are very big, so that if any problem comes into this network, then it may take more time to solve it.
  • Our mobile phone or computer in WAN is connected with many devices, due to which there is a risk of virus download in the phone or computer.

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