What is BSC, BSC Full Form, and Benefits Complete Information

After 12th, when it comes to choosing a course in college, we usually see options like B. Tech, BA, BCA, B. Com C.A., BBA, and BSC, and students who are interested in science opt for BSC but the question arises as to What is BSC, BSC Full Form, and Benefits and the Advantages of BSC Course.

Nowadays, most parents pressure their children to go to the science stream, mainly because of the high scope, but there are many questions in our minds about BSC courses as to why there is so much permeability of BSc degree and why BSC should be done.

Moreover, students who have completed or are about to incomplete from the science stream must have the question of whether the BSC Course is the right option for them?, After all, what benefit will they get by taking this course? whether they will be able to afford the course fee or not, what will be their job chances after doing this course, etc.

No one has the tension of their career, so such questions are bound to come to the minds of the students, but don’t take the tension because today we will not only give you answers to these questions but also what is the Full Form BSC and what are the subjects in BSc as well as the benefits and job details BSC Course.

We have seen a lot of students who take admission in any course but are not able to complete it completely because they do not get any information about that course first so if you are thinking of doing BSc, you need to read this article in full.

What is Full Form BSC

Full Form BSC Full Form is “Bachelor Of Science” Bachelor of Science, which is called graduate science in the Hindi language, is a graduation course and is for students who are interested in science.

If you pass the 12th standard from medical or non-medical, then you become a Yoga to do BSC Course because it is related to science, so it is necessary that you can do this BSC course only if you have to the passed your studies from the medical or non-medical.

BSC Course Information

BSC is a graduation course. There are two types of courses: one is a general course which is 3 years old and the other is a professional course which is 4 to 5 years.

BSC General Course:-

BSC Physics BSC Chemistry
BSC Zoology BSC Statistics
BSC Botany BSC Home Science

BSC Professional Course:-

B.Sc Biochemistry B.Sc Electronic
B.Sc Genetics B.Sc Interior Design
B.Sc Nursing B.Sc Nutrition
B.Sc Microbiology B.Sc Dietetics
B.Sc Multimedia B.Sc Bioinformatics
B.Sc Medical Technology B.Sc Forestry
B.Sc Animation B.Sc Aquaculture
B.Sc Food Technology B.Sc Forensic Science
B.Sc Aviation B.Sc Agriculture
B.Sc Physiotherapy B.Sc Psychology
B.Sc Nautical Science B.Sc Information Technology
B.Sc Computer Science B.Sc Fashion Technology

There is a slight difference in subjects in these two courses because if you do your BSc from Honours, you will have to study one of the subjects of your choice in-depth and in the long run, you will have to explore your career in the same field but if you do your BSc from the General, your main subjects will be 3 as well as a subject of environment i.e. you will have 4 subjects in total.

When you apply for BSC, you first have to choose which BSc course you will take like BSC Computer Science, BSC Physics, BSC Electronics, BSC Mathematics, etc.

BSC Major Course Information

In BSc also you get different types of courses out of which you have to choose BSC Course as per your choice and interest.

  • BSC Computer Science
  • BSC Chemistry
  • BSC Mathematics
  • BSC Physics
  • BSC Electronics
  • BSC Economics
  • BSC Geography
  • BSC Agriculture
  • BSC Statistics
  • BSC IT

BSC Computer Science

This is a course for students who are interested in computers and after doing this course in a way you become a computer master after graduating in the computer if you can also work in a private company and there is a lot of demand for computer students in government sectors nowadays.

BSC Chemistry

If you take this course, you get complete knowledge of chemistry, then you can also MSC or try a job if you want.

BSC Mathematics

There are two advantages of doing this course: one is that you get specialization in mathematics, the other is given knowledge of mathematics as well as computers. If your marks in Inter are very good in mathematics, you can do a B.Sc from Math.

BSC Physics

In this course, we get all the knowledge related to physics, space science, and natural sciences, which is called B.Sc Physics.

BSC Electronics

It has taught all kinds of electrical information such as transistors, diodes and all sources of energy and after pursuing this course, you can get jobs in both government and private sectors.

BSC Economics

In this course, you are deeply knowledge-provided about the economy and after graduation, if you do a master’s in the economy, many work fields open up for you such as macroeconomic analyst, researcher, content developer, economic advisor, tutor, etc.

BSC Geography

If you are interested in geography, you can also do this course because by doing this course you can work as a geological assistant, country or rural planner, environmental consultant, landscape architect, etc.

BSC Agriculture

This course teaches you about the best techniques of producing food items, rearing animals with tree plants By doing this course you can make a good career in the agriculture field as well as if your house is in the village or you have cultivable land you can produce better by using your ideas in your farming after doing this course.

BSC Statistics

In this course, you have studied all kinds of statistical things like presenting data in a mathematical manner, analysis, interpretation, etc. If you do this course, you will have a lot of career options. You may get a chance to work in economic and social calculation platforms with the planning commission, Institute of Applied Manpower Research, Indian Council of Medical Research.


It is a technology course If your marks are good in 12th and you are interested in technology, you have the best courses with the same value as IT engineering.

We have provided you with information about some popular and special BSc courses above and now it comes to what is the cost of this course if we BSC Course then let’s know about it

BSC Course Fees

It may cost between Rs. 1 lakh and 1 lakh fifty thousand to BSC Course. We have mentioned an average fee here because the fees may be less and more, so it depends on how you are enrolling in college, how much you are spending on coaching. How far your college is from your home, etc.

But if you BSC Course from a government college, you get a lot of benefits because the government has scholarship and free admission facility in the government college on the basis of economic status and good marks, and students should pay only their exam fee in the name of college fees. It is available only in government colleges, which varies from about 2 to 3,000 every semester.

Admission Process in BSC Course

In this course you can get admission in 2 ways: The first way in which entrance examinations are conducted in the top college and then the list is placed on the basis of that

The second way in which admission slated to be taken directly in some colleges is on merit, so here you need to know that if you want admission in BSC Course, you have to pass class 12th from science stream and your marks should be at least 50% – 60%.

Now the question arises as to which are the top colleges in India to do BSc because a lot of students dream of studying from top college so some Top BSC College List based on rank is as follows.

Top BSC College India

  1. Shobhit University (Meerut)
  2.  Ewing Christian College (Allahabad)
  3. Ferguson College (Pune)
  4. Hemavati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University (Garhwal)
  5. Madras Christian College (Chennai)
  6. University of Rajasthan (Jaipur)
  7. Sangameshwar College (Maharashtra)
  8. Andhra University (Visakhapatnam)
  9. Skotish Church College (Kolkata)

How to Distance BSC Course

If you do a job or coaching as well as want to BSC, you can also do this course with distance education. This option is also for people who do not have the means to pay the fees for this course.

In fact, we don’t have to attend a class in distance. Only by appearing for exams and submitting assignments, we get degrees, and at the same time, the fees are much lower than regulars. If you want to do A BSc from distance, we can use an institute like IGNOU.

What you can do after BSc

Students who are thinking of doing BSc definitely have a question in their minds as to what is after BSc? That means what you can do after BSc like what to study and what to do with the job.

So let us tell you that after B.Sc you are open in many fields, if you want, you can prepare to get a job and you can get a job or you can study further and get a big degree.

  • BSc students can do engineering B.Tech if they wish it is a very good option.
  • Many students prefer to MSC after completing their BSc course.
  • If you want, after completing your BSc, you can try for a government job and get a government job.
  • B.ED is also a good option for BSc students after which you can become a teacher in college.
  • If your dream is to teach children in school, you can take a BTC course after BSc.
  • After BSc, you can work in any private company or institute.

What jobs can you do after BSc

BSc is an old course and after this doing the course you will get a chance to work in a lot of fields and so even today most students choose to the do this BSC course so let’s know.

  1. After completing your BSc, you can become a scientist and also get a job in the field of non-science.
  2. After doing a BSc, you get job opportunities in many fields like management, engineering, law, etc.
  3. After completing his BSc, he can work as a teacher in schools and colleges.
  4. After completing your BSc, you can try your luck in the medical field like research center, ISRO, etc.
  5. After BSc, you can go to defense areas like Navy, Air Force, etc.

Benefits of Doing BSc

Nowadays, the demand for BSc students in every field is increasing, whether government or private, we cannot deny the importance of science in any field, so even today every parent wants his child to study science because doing BSc gives us a lot of benefits.

  1. Gk has a part in the written examinations of every government servant and most of the questions in this part are from science, so if you do BSc, you will definitely have a lot of knowledge of science which will also benefit you to pass government examinations.
  2. After graduating from the science side, our personality also develops a lot and we have a smartness.
  3. After pursuing a BSc, we have many job opportunities in the private sector also, so even if we do not get a government job, we can easily lead a happy and prosperous life by doing a private job.
  4. If we are graduating from arts, we can maintain our studies well even without tuition, but if science students need tuition, if we take an MSc or any other big course after doing BSc, we can earn well by tuition to science students and we can do it with a job.

Last Word

So, friends, we have tried to give you full details about What is BSC, BSC Full Form, and what are the benefits of doing BSc as well as what you can do after doing BSc, etc., which is easy for you to understand BSc.

Because if you do any course without knowledge and later when you are not interested or not interested, they leave the course in half and spoil their future. Hopefully, you will not make this mistake and if you are also planning to do a BSc, I should first get complete information about this course.

Well, we tried our best, but still, if we have missed anything, you can ask us by commenting and if you like this post, you must share this post with your friends so that they too can get complete and proper knowledge about it BSc.

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