Top 5 Scholarship After 12th: These are the best scholarships for 12th pass students

Top 5 Scholarship After 12th:  If you are also  a student  studying in  12th  or have passed  12th  and want to get  scholarship  for  higher education  , then this article of ours is only for you, in which we will tell you in detail about the report prepared  on  Top 5 Scholarship After 12th,  for which you will have to read this article carefully.

In this article, we will not only   tell you in detail about  the Top 5 Scholarship After 12th but we will also tell you about the various scholarships  of  the Government of India  for  12th pass students,  for which you will have to read this article carefully till the end  and

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Top 5 Scholarship After 12th – Overview

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These are the best scholarships for 12th pass students, know the full report – Top 5 Scholarships After 12th?

In this article dedicated to all those students who are passing or have passed  12th and  want to get the benefit of  scholarship for  higher education after 12th  , we want to tell you in detail about  the report prepared  on  Top 5 Scholarship After 12th,  the main points  of which are as follows –

Top 5 Scholarships After 12th – Brief Introduction

  • In this article,  while welcoming  all of  you students  who have passed or are going to pass 12th  ,  we   want to tell  you in detail  about   the top 5 scholarships  of the Government of India  , with the help of which we will tell you in detail about the Top 5 Scholarships After 12th   so that by taking advantage of  these top scholarships,  you can not only complete your higher education  but also  set and secure  your career  .

Now, with the help of this article, we will tell you in detail  about the top 5 scholarships  , for complete detailed information  of which you  will have to read this article patiently , which are as follows –

​Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY)​

  • To  encourage  all our  students  who  have passed 12th  from  science stream  and want to make  a career  in  the field of science  by doing  B.Sc  after  12th,  the government runs the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan   Yojana ,
  • To avail the benefits of this  scholarship scheme,  all the students and youth  have to appear for an  exam  which they  have to pass with  at least 75% marks,  after which the government  provides scholarships to  1,000 students every year  under the "Kishore Vaigyanik Scholarship"  .

Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship

  • For  all our students who  pass 12th  from  Arts, Science or Commerce,  the Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship  is run  by  the Central Government,  to avail the benefits of which all you  students  want to apply on the National Scholarship Portal  ,
  • Under  the Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship,  every year 82,000 students  are provided the benefit of this  scholarship  by  the Central Government  and
  • Finally, we would like to tell you that  a scholarship  of  ₹10,000 per year  is given for  graduation  and  ₹20,000 per year  is given  for  post graduation  so that all of you can get the full benefit of this scheme  .

Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme (PMMS)

  • For all our students whose parents  have served  the country  in  the Indian Army, Air Force or Navy  and those students  who  have passed 12th with  75% marks,  the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme (PMMS)  is being run  by the Central Government  since   the year 2006  for all such  meritorious students  .
  • Under the PM Scholarship Scheme,  students   pursuing  commercial education are given  a scholarship  of  ₹ 2,000 per month  for  4 to 5 years,  for  which  the age of  the students  should be between 18 to 25 years  and
  • Finally, we would like to tell you that  under  the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme (PMMS)  , students  are  given  a scholarship  of  Rs 2,500 per month  and girl students  are  given a scholarship  of  Rs 3,000 per month  etc.

AICTE Pragati Scholarship

  •  ​AICTE Pragati Scholarship ​ is conducted  the national level by the  All India Council of Technical Education for12th pass young female students 
  • Here we would like to tell you that  under AICTE  Pragati Scholarship,  a scholarship  of  ₹ 50,000 per year  is given for  4 years  for   paying college fees, purchasing computer, stationery, books, equipment, software  and
  • Lastly,  with the help of  this scholarship  , all the meritorious girl students  are  motivated and encouraged  to pursue  higher education  etc.

PMRF Scholarship

  • In this article dedicated to all our students who  want to set their career  in the field of  science and engineering, we want to tell you that  PMRF scholarship  is provided for doing  Ph.D  in  the fields of science, technology and engineering etc. 
  • Along with this  scholarship  ,  our  students  also get  admission  in doctoral programs in top engineering institutes of the country like Indian Institute of Science, IISER, IITs, NITs and Central Universities  .
  • In the end, we would like to tell you that  under this scholarship , you are given  a scholarship of  ₹ 80,000 rupees per month  for  the entire 5 years  and a scholarship  of  ₹ 2 lakh rupees annually  so that all you students can build your bright future  .

Finally this way we  have told you about  all the scholarships  in  the report  so that you can get full benefit of this scholarship  .


In this article, we have not only told all  the students   in detail about the Top 5 Scholarship After 12th  , but we have also told you in  detail about all the scholarship schemes  so that you  can avail the benefits of  these scholarship schemes  and not only complete your higher education  but also build  your bright  future  and

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