Maharana Pratap Interesting Fact

Maharana Pratap Interesting Fact (Bhala, Talwar, Haldighati Battle)

  • Maharana Pratap spear Weight 80 kg and the Armour Weight 80 kg and the weight of the spear, armour and shield and sword in hand was 207 kg.
  • Even today, Maharana Pratap, armour, sword and etc., are safe in the museum of the Udaipur Raj Gharana.
  • Akbar had said that if Maharana Pratap bows down to me, half of India’s heirs will be him, but Emperor Akbar will remain.
  • There were 20,000 soldiers from Mewar and 85,000 soldiers from Akbar ki and 85,000 in the Battle of Haldighati.
  • A temple of Maharana Pratap Horse (Chetak) was also built which is still safe in Haldighati today.
  • When Maharana Pratap left Mahlo, thousands of people of the Blacksmith sat with him and made swords for the Mahayana¬†Pratap¬†army day and night.
  • 300 years after the Battle of Haldi Valley, swords were still found in the lands there. The last cache of swords was found in the 1985 Haldighati plain.
  • Maharana Pratap Astra Shatra was educated by Jaimal Medatia who fought 60,000 over 8000 Rajputs. 48,000 people, including 8,000 Rajputs and 40,000 Mughals, were killed in that war.
  • Maharana Pratap horse Chetak was also very powerful. The trunk of the elephant was placed in front of his mouth.
  • The tribal Bhil community of Mewar had planted Akbar’s army with his arrows in Haldighati. He considered Maharana Pratap as his son and Maharana Pratap Ji lived with him without discrimination.
  • Maharana Pratap horse Chetak Maharana attained valour after crossing the 26 feet river. Even after he broke one of his legs, he crossed the river. Where he was injured, today there is a tree called Khoda Imli. There were two horses, Hetak and Chetak.
  • Maharana Pratap had won 85% of the lost Mewar again before he died.
  • Apart from gold, silver and mahalo, he roamed the forests of Mewar for 20 years.
  • Maharana Pratap Weight 110 kg and Maharana Pratap Length – 7’5″.
  • They carried two main swords and an 80 kg spear in their hands.
  • The heir to the Mewar dynasty is considered to be the diwan of Eklingji Bhagwan.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji was also originally associated with Mewar, the younger brother of Veer Shivaji’s great-grandfather Udaipur Maharana.
  • Akbar was told by Sheikh Rahmur Khan of Afghan that if you join Maharana Pratap and Jaimal Medatia, no one can stop you from becoming world champions, but these two Vero never gave up.
  • Nepal’s royal family has also come out of Chittorgarh.
  • The Mewar dynasty is still the oldest dynasty in the world, followed by Japan.
  • Ranasanga, the ancestor of Maharana Pratap, fought a battle with Akbar’s grandfather Babur in Khanwa and Pratap had convinced Akbar and Maharana Pratap son Amar Singh had convinced Jahangir for a chance and took possession of the entire Mewar under his 15-year rule.
  • Akbar also cried over Maharana Pratap death.

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