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What is ICU What is ICU Full Form and how does it work? Today we will give you the information related to all these questions in this article. Friends, it is natural to be nervous when someone we know gets admitted to the ICU due to some illness or injury. Because someone’s condition is serious and requires special treatment, only then he is admitted to the ICU of the hospital.

Every hospital has an ICU ward where those people whose condition is serious are kept. Special care is given to the patient admitted in the ICU, for which there are many such medical types of equipment that help in treatment. Next, we will learn about the importance and functioning of ICU in detail.

What is ICU – ICU Full Form

The full form is the ICU is the Intensive Care Unit. ICU is a separate room in all hospitals, which some people also call the emergency room. When a patient’s condition due to a serious injury or illness is critical, his body needs special equipment and medicines even for normal functions. In such a situation, they are kept in a special room where they are treated with special attention.

In the ICU, the patients are monitored and treated by the senior doctors of the hospital. ICU has more nurses for each patient as compared to the ordinary ward. Some hospitals have separate wards for specific diseases. Sometimes a patient can be transferred to another hospital in case of serious illness.

How long a patient will have to stay in the intensive care unit depends on the severity of the illness and the injury. Most patients recover fairly quickly in the ICU. At the same time, some patients may have to stay for a few weeks to months. Every patient will be cured after being admitted to the ICU, this is also unfortunately not possible. Sometimes a patient may even die.

When is the admission done in ICU?

As we all know, when someone gets a minor injury or some disease, he is never directly admitted to the ICU. When someone is sick, initial treatment is started by keeping him in the normal ward of the hospital. If his condition does not improve there and the condition becomes serious, then only he is admitted to the ICU where his treatment is under special supervision.

However, if someone is seriously injured in an accident or case of serious illness, the patient can be admitted directly to the ICU. Apart from this, when babies are born prematurely or babies who are born with a disease, they can be kept in the ICU for their special care. Below are the names of some diseases and injuries that are treated in the ICU when they occur.

  • If someone has had a major accident in which he has suffered a lot due to which his condition has become serious, then in such a situation, treatment is done by admitting him to the ICU of the hospital.
  • In case of a heart attack, the patient is directly admitted to the ICI. Where doctors and nurses start treatment under close supervision.
  • The patient is kept in the ICU when he goes into a coma due to some reason.
  • After a major surgery like spinal cord or brain, the patient may be kept in the ICU for some time under intensive monitoring.
  • If someone’s kidney fails, he is admitted to the ICU for dialysis.

What happens when a patient is taken to the ICU?

When a patient is admitted to the ICU, doctors and nurses assess his condition and monitor him continuously. Which can take more than an hour for the doctor.

It is normal to wait for some time before a patient is admitted to the intensive care unit. These times remain a matter of trouble for those who know the patient. But this time is most important in the recovery of the patient, in which the doctors and nurses try to stabilize the patient’s condition, for which first they are connected with the necessary equipment to be in the ICU.

Equipment used for treatment in ICU

In the ICU, several types of equipment are used for the patient’s special care and necessary support. If you have ever gone to the ICU ward, then you must have seen many Wire, Tube, Pipe, and Machine there. If a relative, friend, or someone you know is ever admitted to the ICU, then it is natural for them to panic after seeing these devices.

If a patient has any heart problem or his condition is such that it is necessary to take care of his heart rate, there is a heart monitor. If there is any breathing problem, then there is an artificial ventilator for that. Similarly, according to the disease and requirement, many types of machines and other equipment can be in the ICU.

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