How to Join the Indian Army

How to Join the Indian Army: Our Country is surrounded by various neighboring countries from all sides and our Country shares its border of several thousand kilometers with those neighboring countries.

At times, there are illegal infiltrations from neighboring States into our India and infiltration to carry out various types of non-law operations, thereby deploying BSF in border areas to protect our country of India.

BSF is a part of our Indian Army. Moreover, in our country, various types of forces work to protect our country.

Recruitment for various posts is taken out every year by the Army in our country of India. If you are also dreaming of going to the Army or if you are preparing to join the Indian Army, today you have come to the right place.

Because in today’s article, we are going to give you information about how to join the Indian Army, we go on the main issue without much delay and know what it takes to How to Join the Indian Army.

How to Join the Indian Army

Studying to go to the Indian Army

If you want to join the Indian Army, you need to pass class 10th and class 12th. Generally, most of the class 10th and 12th standard studies are sought to join the Indian Army.

Age limit for going to Indian Army

Under the reservation given in the Indian Constitution, the age limit of different sections for entering the Indian Army has been fixed separately. Those who belong to the general category to join the Indian Army can apply after 18 years.

In addition, the maximum age for going to the Indian Army has been fixed at 23 years, though the age for some posts may be longer.

Physical Qualifications to Join Indian Army

You need to be physically fit to join the Indian Army, as special attention is paid to physical fitness to join the Indian Army. The Army Recruitment Board has prescribed some qualifications for joining the Indian Army, which we are giving you below.

If you want to join the Indian Army, you should be 170 cm in length and the length of women candidates should be 156 cm.

You should weigh above 50 kg for both men and women and you should clearly see everything with your eyes.

The selection process to join the Indian Army

For your information, if you want to join the Indian Army, you will have to go through various three phases.

The first phase is physical fitness, the second stage is the medical test and the third and final stage is the written test.

If you successfully pass these three stages, you join the Indian Army. Let us know in the detail about this steps.

Physical Test

Your physical test is conducted to join the Indian Army, under which you have to perform procedures like long jump, high jump, race, and you are given different numbers for all these procedures.

You are given marks according to the process in which you perform. In this, you have to complete the 1600 m race in 5 minutes 41 seconds.

Medical Test

The candidate who successfully passes the physical test is then called for a medical test.

It examines the eyes of the candidates and also conducts their ears, their voice, blood group, and many other tests.

It is also examined as to if the two knees of his leg are getting mixed up.

At the same time, it is also examined that the candidate has no physical fracture. If a candidate has any physical fracture, he/she is removed.

Written Test

This is the last stage to join the Indian Army. However, written examinations are no longer conducted in some States.

The written test to be conducted to join the Indian Army consists of a total of 100 marks and the candidate is given 1 hour time to appear for the examination.

This exam is of options, i.e., in this exam, you have to make a round mark on the right question with a blue ball pen called MCQ in English.

After appearing for this examination, the last merit list is prepared by combining the marks obtained in all your procedures, and those named in it are sent for training and after successful training, the candidate is included in the Indian Army.

The Recruitment Process to Join Indian Army Briefly

First of all, when recruitment is out by the Indian Army, you have to apply for that recruitment online. In which you have to give information about your date of birth, your studies, your age, your district, etc.

This is followed by a race for recruitment by the Indian Army on a certain day, in which you have to join and if you join the race and complete the race within the stipulated time, you are called for a physical fitness test.

You are physically examined in a physical fitness test. Your document is then examined. These documents examine your 10th and 12th certificates and your valid ID proof.

Then, there is a written test in some States, and in some states, there is no written test.

Lastly, you are sent for training when selected and when you have completed your training successfully, you are admitted to the Indian Army, and you are given a posting in any corner of the country.

However, if you join BSF in the Indian army, most of you are deployed along the border with India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Indian Army Monthly Salary

If we talk about the monthly salary of an Indian Army, a jawan gets around Rs. 30,000 to Rs.35,000 as monthly salary.

However, different salaries are fixed for various posts in the Indian Army. In addition, Indian army personnel also get the benefit of PF and graduation. In addition, they get a variety of goods from the canteen at a price lower than the market price.

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