How to Download PUBG MOBILE and How to Play PUBG Mobile

How to Download PUBG MOBILE – PUBG Mobile is currently the most played online multiplayer game in India. The game was recently banned by the central government for its links to China due to some border disputes. But despite all this currently, it is being played enough through the use of game VPN and various surveyors, etc.

There are reports about PUBG Mobile that the banned on the game will be lifted soon and after that, the game will be available from back to play store and can be played with the Indian server. The company itself has also officially announced this but the problem is that the return date is constantly being announced and the game has not returned so far.

After the central government banned PUBG Mobile, it suddenly stopped running on almost all mobiles and its Indian servers failed, but even then it is still being run on mobile using VPN, etc.

But the biggest problem that is being seen after this ban is that PUBG Mobile Game can no longer be easily downloaded. In fact, the game is not yet available on the Play Store, and that’s why people feel that the game can’t be played. You can easily download PUBG Mobile on your Mobile, but how?

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In this article, we will give you complete information about How to Download PUBG MOBILE, How to Start PUBG Mobile, and How to Play PUBG Mobile.

What is PUBG Mobile and Why PUBG Mobile Was Banned

How to Download PUBG MOBILE

If you’re reading this article, it means you know PUBG Mobile Game well and you might have been its player before. But still, for information, the full name of the PUBG is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, created by the South Korean company Bluehole.

It’s an online multiplayer game in which a lot of people play together and fight each other or in a Battlegrounds in Teams and the player who survives until the last or the team that survives until the last wins.

Although PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite games belong to South Korean company Bluehole, 10 percent of its shares have been bought by the Chinese company Tencent, which led to PUBG Mobile being banned in India.

PUBG Mobile, Which Was Banned Last Year, is Back Now in a New name called BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

How to Download PUBG Mobile after Banned

We all know that PUBG Mobile was recently banned in India and since then it is not available on the Play Store but it is not that it cannot be downloaded yet because there are a lot of ways to download it online.

In fact, there are a lot of Third Party online sources that offer applications and this platform can still offer PUBG to people, meaning here you can easily download PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite.

Here are 2 ways to download PUBG Mobile:

Download APK and OBB file and install PUBG Mobile:

First of all, download the APK and OBB file of PUBG Mobile on your mobile, the link for this is given below:



Both of these are to download you on your device. Then install the APK file on your mobile and if you can’t install this app on your mobile, go to Settings and go to Safety and Privacy and On the option of Unknown Sources there. You will then be able to install this application on your mobile.

After installing the application on the mobile, you need to go to the Android folder in file manager and paste the OBB file into the OBB folder and paste it into the folder of com.tencent.ig. Then you can open the downloaded PUBG app. You will be able to enjoy your game after that.

Download PUBG Mobile from the Official Website

If you are fond of playing PUBG Mobile and want to download it easily even after Banned, the best way to download it is by visiting its official website.

After downloading the PUBG Mobile from the official website, you will be able to play it easily, mainly because the company had created a Global Server for it from the beginning and it did not target Specific India, which means that even today if you download the game, you can play it.

To download PUBG Mobile from the website, you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1 – First open the Browser on your device and go to the game’s official website (If the website can’t open, use a VPN browser such as Browsec VPN)

Step 2 – You will get the option to APK Download only on Home Page. Download it from there.

Step 3 – After downloading, go to the download folder in File Manager and install it on your phone and if it can’t be installed, On the Unknown Sources option, and then install the PUBG game on your mobile.

Step 4 – Then you can run this game and if the game doesn’t run on the phone in a normal way as before, you can change the server through VPN, etc.

How to Start PUBG Mobile

A lot of people are not able to play PUBG Mobile on their smartphones at present, but it’s not that you can’t play it in India anymore because a lot of people are still downloading and playing it easily by downloading other servers PUBG.

You can use online application downloading platforms such as ApkPure and Uptodown to download versions of PUBG with other servers. After downloading these global versions of PUBG, you can easily play them without any problems.

The PUBG Game team has officially announced that it will soon launch its games back in India but still not officially launched in India so the government will be illegal in a way to play the game against these rules. In that case, we would advise you not to play this game until it is officially banned.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the new name of PUBG Mobile?

Answer – The PUBG Mobile has been renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India.

2. Who created Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Answer – Battlegrounds Mobile India is created by a South Korean video game developer Krafton.

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