Download ePAN Card – Get ePan from NSDL & UTIITSL

The ePAN card is a valid proof of allotment of PAN. Downloading ePAN can be done through the NSDL or UTITSL portal. ePAN card is a digitally signed Permanent Account Number, i.e. PAN card which is issued in an electronic form.PAN or Permanent Account Number  is a unique code that is issued to everyone who conducts financial transactions in India.

PAN is mandatory for everyone who is a tax-payer. One can apply for PAN through NSDL website or UTIITSL portal of PAN. The paper copy of PAN can be obtained within 45 days of application at the address written in Form 49 A. However, e-PAN can be downloaded online and can be used everywhere as a valid document. Be it an individual or an organization,

What is e-PAN?

E-PAN is a virtual PAN card which contains the PAN information of the card holder. It can be downloaded from NSDL or UTIITSL portal. It contains the PAN card of the card holder and can be used for all e-verifications that require a PAN card.

E-PAN card contains the following information:

  • Permanent Account Number
  • Name
  • father's name
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • Photo
  • Signature
  • QR code

Keep in mind that it is illegal to have more than one PAN card. Rs 10,000 for a person holding more than one PAN card.

Process to download e-PAN online

E-PAN can be downloaded online from NSDL or UTIITSL portal. Applicants who had previously applied for PAN through the NSDL portal can download e-PAN from there. If they want to download e-PAN from UTIITSL portal, they have to first apply for PAN card print through UTIITSL portal otherwise they will not be able to download e-PAN. The process is the same for UTIITSL portal applicants.

E-PAN can be downloaded free of cost by all new applicants or applicants who have applied for change in PAN information within one month of issue of PAN. UTIITSL charges Rs 8.26 for each download request. Charges an additional fee of Rs. (including taxes). This payment can be made online and the applicant can download the e-PAN whenever he wants.

How to Download e-PAN card using NSDL Portal?

NSDL PAN card download facility is categorized in two ways, i.e. PAN allotted in last 30 days, and PAN allotted older or more than 30 days. You can easily access your NSDL PAN card download PDF by logging in to the official website and following the instructions. The steps to get the ePANcard in both the ways is being summarized hereunder–

  1. Download e-PAN card (applicable to PAN allotted in last 30 days)–
  • Visit site https://www.tin-nsdl.com/.
  • Click on ‘Download e-PAN card (For PAN allotted in last 30 days).
  • Enter Acknowledgment Number and Captcha Code.
  • Click ‘Submit’.
  • Following three options are available to receive OTP– E-mail ID; orMobile Number; orBoth
  • E-mail ID; or
  • Mobile Number; or
  • Both
  • Select any one of the option to receive OTP and click on ‘Generate OTP’.
  • OTP would be received as per the option selected.
  • Enter OTP and click ‘Validate’.
  • Click on ‘Download PDF’ after successful validation.

Once you’ve completed the necessary steps, the PAN card download PDF will be readily available to save or print. The PDF file is password protected, and the password is your Date of Birth / Date of Incorporation / Date of Formation in DDMMYYYY format. Pan card download by name and date of birth is a convenient option for individuals who need to retrieve their PAN cards

  1. Download e-PAN card (applicable to PAN allotted older or more than 30 days)–
  • Visit site https://www.tin-nsdl.com/.
  • Click on ‘Download e-PAN card (For PAN allotted older or more than in last 30 days).
  • Following details are required to be provided– PAN;The month of Birth and Year of Birth;GSTN (optional); and
  • PAN;
  • The month of Birth and Year of Birth;
  • GSTN (optional); and
  • After providing the above details, click ‘Submit’.
  • On clicking ‘Submit’ e-PAN card can be downloaded.

These steps can be used to download the e-PAN through the NSDL Portal. The NSDL PAN Card download facility ensures efficiency and accessibility, enables individuals to manage their financial affairs efficiently. Whether for tax filing or financial transactions, the NSDL e PAN download service offers a seamless and efficient solution for obtaining this essential document.

How Download Pan Card online using the UTIITSL Portal?

PAN applicants are now facilitated to download their ePANcard directly through the UTIITSL, i.e. UTI Infrastructure Technology And Service Limited website. Only the following PAN applicants can download their e-PAN card using UTIITSL–

  • The persons who have applied for fresh PAN through UTIITSL; or
  • The persons who have applied for latest PAN changes or correction or updates through UTIITSL; or
  • The person who had earlier registered a valid and active mobile number or e-mail ID with their PAN record with the Income Tax Department.

If the applicant qualifies to download the ePANcard through UTIITSL, as per the criteria provided above, he is required to follow the below-mentioned steps–

  1. Visit the UTIITSL Portal
  2. Provide following details–
  • PAN Number;
  • Date of Birth/Date of Incorporation/Date of Agreement/Date of partnership or trust deed/ Date of formation of BOI / Date of AOP in format MM/YYYY;
  • GSTIN Number (optional);
  • Enter the Captcha.
  1. After providing the above details, click on ‘Submit’.
  2. On successful submission, the link would be sent to the registered mobile number through SMS and/or to e-mail ID.
  3. The applicant, on receipt of the link, is required to click on the link and the applicant can download the ePANCA using the OTP received on mobile/ e-mail ID.

Pan card download by name and date of birth provides a user-friendly solution for quick access to PAN card details. It is important to note here that the downloading of e-PAN card is provided free of cost only if the e-PAN card was issued within last one month’s time on fresh PAN application or change/correction request. However, in any other case, the applicant willing to download the e-PAN through UTIITSL is required to make online payment of INR 8.26 against every download of e-PAN card.


In today’s digital age, acquiring your PAN card becomes easier with the NSDL e PAN download service and UTIITSL portal. Individuals can obtain their electronic PAN cards through these portals with just a few simple steps. With the convenience of NSDL e PAN download, users can access their PAN cards digitally.

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