Aadhaar Card Update: Here's How You Can Update Your 10 Or More Years Old ID Information; A Guide!

In the age of rapid information dissemination, social media can be a double-edged sword, spreading both crucial updates and misleading rumours with equal fervour. Recently, a piece of fake news has been circulating widely on social media, causing unnecessary panic among Aadhaar cardholders. The rumour claims that Aadhaar cards issued over a decade ago will become invalid after June 14, 2024, if not updated. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has stepped in to refute these claims, clarifying that this information is entirely false.

Clarification From UIDAI

The UIDAI has assured the public that Aadhaar cards will remain valid regardless of whether they have been updated in the last ten years. This clarification comes in response to the widespread misinformation that originated from a genuine government announcement regarding the extension of the deadline for free Aadhaar updates. Initially, the deadline for these updates was set for March 14, 2024, but it has now been extended to June 14, 2024. This extension seems to have been misinterpreted by some as implying that Aadhaar cards would be invalidated if not updated by this new deadline.

The government's extension allows individuals to update their Aadhaar details online for free until June 14, 2024. However, it's important to note that those who wish to update their Aadhaar information in person at an Aadhaar Seva Kendra will need to pay a fee. For instance, if someone needs to add their phone number to their Aadhaar card, they must visit a Seva Kendra and pay the applicable charges.

How to Update Your Aadhaar Card Online

For those looking to update their Aadhaar details online, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Here are the steps to follow:

Visit the Self-Service Update Portal: Go to 

Login: Click on the 'Login' button and enter your unique 12-digit Aadhaar number along with the displayed captcha code.

Send OTP: Click on 'Send OTP' to receive a one-time password on the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar.

Enter OTP: Enter the OTP received and proceed.

Select Update Aadhaar Online: In the Services tab, choose 'Update Aadhaar Online'.

Upload Documents: Upload the necessary documents to make the desired changes.

Confirm Changes: Confirm the modifications and your information will be updated accordingly.

What Are The Documents Required For Aadhaar Card Address Change?

UIDAI’s portal has made updating addresses very simple for Aadhaar card holders. Although over 15 documents are accepted, some of the popular Proof of Address (POA) are:

  • Passport 
  • Bank statement (Passbook, Post Office Account Statement)
  • Ration card
  • Voter ID
  • Disability Card
  • Electricity Bills (not older than three months), including prepaid receipts 
  • Water Bill (not older than three months) 
  • Gas connection (not older than three months) 
  • Telephone Landline Bill/ Phone (Postpaid Mobile) Bill/ Broadband Bill (not older than three months)
  • Insurance Policy (Life & Medical only) 
  • Property Tax Receipt (not older than one year)
  • Registered sale deed/ gift deed
  • Non-registered rent/ lease deed

You must also keep your proof of identity (POI), which can be your Passport, PAN card, Voter ID, Ration card, etc. 

How To Download the Aadhaar Card After Address Change?

Once your Aadhaar card is ready with the updated address, you can download the updated version of your card from UIDAI website. However, it is important to note that to access the Aadhaar online, it is essential to have your mobile number registered with your Aadhaar. Here is the step-by-step guide to downloading Aadhaar after changing your address:

Step 1:  Visit the UIDAI website and move to ‘My Aadhaar’.

Step 2: Click on ‘Download Aadhaar' option under the ‘Get Aadhaar’ tab. 


Step 3: Click on the ‘Download Aadhaar’ tab.


Step 4: Select Aadhaar Number, enter the Aadhaar number, captcha code and click on ‘Send OTP’.


Step 5: Enter the OTP that you received on your mobile number, select if you want a masked Aadhaar and click the ‘Verify & Download’ button to download a PDF of your e-Aadhaar card. 

An Aadhaar card is one of the most important proofs of government identity that contains all your demographic and biometric information. When you have changed your address, applying for an address change on your Aadhaar card is essential, although the Unique Identification number in your Aadhaar card remains the same. You can apply for an address change in your Aadhaar card in just a few seconds online at the myAadhaar portal.

OFFICIAL SITE LINK : https://uidai.gov.in/en/my-aadhaar